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While I was working out my most recent tattoo of a quote from Poe that really resonates with me, I was playing around with the phrase and ended up making this. It wasn’t what I wanted on my body, but I really liked how it came out in general. posted by josh hudnall // twitter […]

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  • 2011-10-28 17.03.53

All of the Lights

All of the Lights (by Josh Hudnall) Saw this walking down 53rd St. in NYC. I almost passed it by, but I’m so glad I went back to get the picture. I didn’t change the coloring, except to up the contrast, that’s how it looked. posted by josh hudnall // twitter // flickr

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  • 2011-10-26 16.13.27-1


CREATIVITY (by Josh Hudnall) You know … creativity … or whatever. This was an arch at a NY Public Library exhibition; the letters are lights. I loved the perspective of it. posted by josh hudnall // twitter // flickr

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