The Adventure Continues

Before I moved out to Chicago, I figured I would live here for two or three years. Once I got here, I decided it would probably only last until the start of next winter. I never thought I would be leaving after only four months—four amazing months at that. But I am leaving, four months […]

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The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

  • Category: Design

The heart wants what the heart wants. It pays no attention to logic, reason or circumstance. If the heart has a concept of reality, it hides the fact well. To trust your heart is to risk great pain, but ignoring your heart guarantees there will be no reward. Yet the heart is not always right, […]

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  • Category: Updates

I’ve lived in Colorado a long time—more than half my life. In the seventeen years I’ve been here, I’ve moved twelve times to ten different places, all of them right here in Colorado Springs. I’ve been a Coloradan long enough to see a steakhouse become a ski shop, and then become a carpet store. The […]

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  • Category: Opinion

I hear a lot of talk about profiling these days, especially with the new TSA procedures that are more invasive than ever. Those who feel like they don’t fit the “profile” want profiling used to spare them the inconvenience/humiliation/whatever it is they don’t like about being searched by TSA. The problem is that profiling isn’t […]

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