The Scarecrow

This video is haunting and beautiful. Chipotle leads the way in bringing fresh, natural ingredients to the mass market.

A few years back I watched Food, Inc. I don’t know if I could call it life changing—at least not in the sense that we normally use the term—but it did affect my outlook on what we eat. I strived to at least eat more healthy more often. I began to favor locally-sourced meats rather than agri-processed junk transported in from Monsanto. I wan’t very passionate about it, but I tried.

Then I started dating a girl who is passionate about good food. And, through no fault of my own, began eating healthy, local, non-processed, non-growth-hormone-injected foods on the regular. I didn’t really even notice a change. I mean, the food tasted great, but I didn’t notice a change in myself. That is, until I went to a well-reviewed restaurant and ate what by most accounts was a great dinner. But as I ate, and then after we left, and even then, after days of thinking about it I realized that I didn’t enjoy dinner. I didn’t feel good afterward. And I would never eat there again.

That’s when the realization really hit home that all natural food is better. I don’t much care about “certified organic” or any of the other labels that can be manipulated to mean what they don’t say. I’m just saying eat natural. Eat better. If you don’t do it for the cows and chickens that are crowded, stuffed and injected, then do it because it simply tastes better.

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